Brainspotting - Group Therapy NY
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Brainspotting is an innovative therapeutic technique rooted in the understanding that our eyes are windows to our subconscious mind. Developed by Dr. David Grand, this powerful method enables individuals to access and process trauma, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs stored in the brain's neural networks. Through targeted eye positioning, Brainspotting facilitates the release of emotional blockages and fosters profound insights, leading to lasting emotional freedom and empowerment.

Our experienced Brainspotting practitioner creates a safe and nurturing environment where you can explore your inner landscape with courage and vulnerability. Whether you're grappling with past traumas, anxiety, depression, or simply seeking personal growth, Brainspotting offers a path towards holistic healing and self-actualization.

During your Brainspotting session, you'll be guided to identify and focus on specific “brainspots" – points in your visual field that correlate with stored emotional experiences. As you engage in this gentle yet transformative process, you'll tap into your innate capacity for healing and resilience, uncovering new perspectives and resources to navigate life's challenges with greater ease and clarity.

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