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Concierge Therapy

Concierge therapy is an exclusive service that is only offered to a limited number of individuals at a time; this allows Dr. Gardenswartz to work deeply with each person and provide better client care. Change does not always wait for an appointment time.


Dr. Gardenswartz returns all calls and emails within 2 hours seven days a week until 9pm EST. This includes weekends and holidays. The only exception is when Dr. Gardenswartz is traveling (eg outside of the country). On those occasions, you will still hear back from Dr. Gardenswartz within 12 hours.


Because Dr. Gardenswartz purposefully limits how many patients she works with, she can spend time outside of session reflecting on your case and staying current with the field of psychology; this enables us to bring the highest quality work into her sessions with you.

Collaborative Care:

Unlike providers with large caseloads, Dr. Gardenswartz has the time and desire to invest in collaborating with your other care providers, if you so desire. With expertise in leading interdisciplinary teams, she’s able to act as your treatment team leader to coordinate care or just be a helpful team member available for consultations. You get the peace of mind that your team is working towards your goals and well-being like a well-oiled machine, not a tangled mess.

Direct Access:

You will always get a response from Dr. Gardenswartz. She will answer all calls and emails personally. No need to deal with receptionists, answering services, or anyone who doesn’t know you and your needs. Concierge clients also have direct access to Dr. Gardenswartz’s billing manager to help them with any billing or insurance related issues.

Benefits of concierge therapy include:

  1. Quick Guidance:: You can reach out to Dr. Gardenswartz in moments of distress for instant professional guidance. She is there to help you manage anxiety, triggers, and overwhelming emotions.
  2. Skills to Cope: Receive real-time guidance on coping skills tailored to your triggers. This immediate feedback reinforces your abilities to manage challenges independently.
  3. Prevent Escalation: Addressing triggers promptly can prevent situations from getting worse. By reaching out, you reduce the risk of prolonged distress or unhelpful coping strategies.
  4. Personalized Strategies: Dr. Gardenswartz provides strategies that fit your unique triggers and situations. This personalized approach helps you manage emotions and reactions effectively.
  5. Continuous Care: Stay connected between scheduled appointments. This ensures your progress is consistent, and you have ongoing support to lean on.
  6. Empowerment: Learn to rely on your coping skills, gaining confidence in managing triggers independently. This sense of control enhances your mental well-being.
  7. Combat Isolation: You’re never alone with a professional to talk to during tough times. Knowing you can reach out fosters a sense of support and connection.
  8. Tailored Help:Different triggers require different approaches. Dr. Gardenswartz tailors her advice to suit your specific triggers and situations for the most effective support.
  9. Practical Application: Apply therapeutic concepts to real-life situations as they happen. This hands-on learning is more impactful than theoretical discussions.
  10. Faster Progress: With ongoing support and reinforcement, you can make quicker strides in your mental health journey.

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