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Dr. Sarah Dihmes
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Dr. Sarah Dihmes

Director of Clinical Training

Dr. Sarah Dihmes is a Psychologist and Biofeedback Therapist licensed in California and New York who specializes in providing services to adults, teens, couples, and caregivers from diverse cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and genders.

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Dihmes received her clinical training at top hospitals across the country such as John Hopkins and Stanford. She completed her Ph.D in Clinical and Health Psychology in San Diego at Alliant International University and trained at UCSD. Her undergraduate degree and training was at the University of Pennsylvania and Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

Dr. Dihmes spent several years at the Veterans Association, where she provided case management, conducted psychological evaluations, facilitated individual and various group training, (DBT, Mindfulness, etc.) and delivered professional development workshops. She has studied under top psychologists in the field, at the University of Maryland Medical Center, where she was chosen to fulfill one of the two mental illness resident positions. Dr. Dihmes’ commitment to advancing the field of psychology extends beyond her clinical practice; she assisted in pioneering the Psycho-Oncology Department at John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

By employing evidence-based therapeutic modalities such as CBT, ACT, biofeedback techniques, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and attachment approaches, Dr. Dihmes empowers her clients to navigate their challenges and develop effective coping strategies. Dr. Dihmes’ expertise is assisting professionals who are facing challenges with work/school stress, and family or social issues. She specializes in self esteem and facilitating clients to understand themselves, their emotions, and improving the quality of their relationship with themselves and others.

Dr. Dihmes has written over 20 peer-reviewed articles and been published in scholarly journals including Biological Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine, and Schizophrenia Bulletin.

Dr. Dihmes has her own private practice in Los Angeles and New York where she sees clients virtually and in person, here she focuses on her clients’ well-being and provides her clients with the tools to achieve short and long term goals to become the best version of themselves.

Clinical Experience and Specialized Training

  • Ph.D. from Alliant University in San Diego
  • Biofeedback certified for 9 years
  • Appointed as the mental health expert on the Advisory Board of the Angiogenesis Foundation.
  • Past board member of the Mid-Atlantic Society of Biofeedback and Behavioral Medicine.
  • Biofeedback program director for at-risk youth
  • Johns Hopkins Bayview Breast Cancer Center
  • Post-doctoral fellowship in the Health Psychology program at California Pacific
    Medical Center (CPMC) in the Neurogastroenterology Department, as well as the
    Bryan Hemming Cancer Center, Radiation Oncology, and Cardiac Rehabilitation.
  • Pre-doctoral training at the University of Maryland Medical School and Veterans
    Administration, Sharp Memorial Rehabilitation Center in San Diego, Robert Wood
    Johnson, and UCSD.
  • Over 20 publications in the field of behavioral medicine.