Aimee Reifer, LCSW-R - Group Therapy NY
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Aimee Reifer, LCSW-R
Dr. Cara Gardenswartz

Aimee Reifer, LCSW-R

Aimee Reifer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York. Her clientele ranges from children through adulthood. Aimee utilizes evidence-based therapeutic modalities such as EMDR, Brainspotting, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Aimee specializes in working with clients with trauma, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues. She empowers her clients to navigate their challenges, develop effective coping strategies, and improve the quality of their relationships with themselves and others.

Aimee’s primary treatment modality is Brainspotting, a neurological approach to psychotherapy. She describes Brainspotting as “speed healing”. As a result, her work with clients is time-limited.

Aimee graduated with her MSW from Adelphi University in 1998. She became certified in EMDR in 2002 under the supervision of EMDR developer Dr. Francine Shapiro. In 2005, Aimee became certified in Brainspotting under the supervision of Brainspotting developer Dr. David Grand. Aimee has been in private practice since 2003.